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Australian Vietnamese Business Association

Support, Advocacy and Networking for Businesses

Australian Vietnamese Business Association (AVBA), founded in 2023 in Melbourne, is the result of a visionary initiative. With a deep desire to serve as a foundation for Australian Vietnamese professionals and entrepreneurs, AVBA has grown into a dynamic confluence of innovators, leaders, and visionaries across a variety of industries. AVBA, driven by a goal of unity, growth, and cultural preservation, serves as a guidance for Australian Vietnamese professionals and entrepreneurs.

The Association represents and promotes the interests of cross trade & investment between of Australia and Vietnam of the business community, facilitated networking, cultural awareness and business protocols, B2B effective communications and best practices, as a bridge between Australia & Vietnam and building trust that will establish long term business relationships and co-operation among its members, friends, and governments.

Our mission

To connect and nurture the Australian Vietnamese business community by offering support, advocating for their rights, and facilitating meaningful connections.

Our Vision

To unify and elevate the Australian Vietnamese business community by fostering growth and success on a global scale via collaboration and innovation.

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